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Cannabis is the fastest growing industry in the 21st century in the US. We helped Briteside create a pioneering subscription service in the context of an extremely regulated industry. We guided them with simplicity and humanism from the foundation to the IPO.

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The first evidence of cannabis use dates back to 3,500 B.C., and throughout its history it has always had both fans and detractors. After a growing movement for its regulation to control the market, legalization began in 1996. First medical, then recreational. The founders of Briteside contacted us in 2016 with the aim of creating products that promote responsible consumption and help humanize an industry full of preconceptions.

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Redefining a market

From the beginning, our goal was to avoid technicalities and create a honest, clear and direct experience with their clients. These principles helped us shape pioneer solutions to complex situations.

The goals for Sensa and Briteside were to create a new market category, to make it simple and make it human
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Delightful experiences that convert

The most important was the active · balance · relax categorisation that we applied to the brand, e-commerce, in-store, digital, and physical touchpoints. A fresh and consistent approach was necessary as legislation and privacy requirements evolved.

Different products with its packaging of Briteside by Sensa
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From napkin to IPO and beyond

Briteside was little more than an idea when we started working together. Together, we navigated the journey to the $4bn merger and became the go-to design partner for the holding company. A flexible brand and product system was foundamental to create fast but long-lasting products, and establish trust from the start with clients, investors and stakeholders.

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Briteside allows dispensaries to make orders and deliveries easier”

How we crafted an illustration system for millions of passengers.

Phone screenshot showing a map and the different possible ways to get transport on Cabify's app designed by Sensa