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Cabify is one of the most prominent figures in the global transportation revolution, with hundreds of employees and millions of users. In the absence of a consistent illustration style, communication issues multiplied, both within the company and with its customers. We created an illustration system that allows them to communicate better and grow faster.

Phone screenshot showing a map and the different possible ways to get transport on Cabify's app designed by Sensa
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Cabify was entering a decisive stage. The company and its design team was growing exponentially, so internal and external communication had to be as fluid as possible. Illustration started to play a key role to improve the user experience and tell the story of the company in a unique way.

number one
An illustration system for millions of passengers

We dove deep into the product in order to learn about the company’s values, the team, its procedures, the market, its customers, and its business objectives.

This phase is essential. The better we know the context of the company, the better we’ll know how to represent its essence and the more obvious the results will be.

The goals for Sensa and Cabify were to evolve the brand, create a unique style and improve the team consistency
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Creating a common language

We set a common moodboard that let us audit previous efforts and define the right style. Movement, geometry, and vibrancy were the principal elements. We amplified the brand color palette to add realistic skin tones and richer hues, and created thousands of compositions and emojis that improved customer rating by 300%.

Picture of the process of Sensa designing different assets for Cabify
number three
From 16px to 16ft

For an illustration system to work, all of its parts must be easy to use by all team members, and on any medium. That’s why we documented the whole process with guides and team workshops. Illustration is now one of the company most valuable assets on the day-to-day of the company.

Composition of different illustrations and assets for Cabify by Sensa
Sensa's work is not only brilliant, but their dedication and involvement make us feel like they're also part of our core team.”
Carlos Tallón
Head of Design, Cabify

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