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Grow is the exclusive magazine for leaders that Facebook prints and distributes to a closed circle of its most outstanding clients. They relied on us for their special issue about sustainable companies.

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Grow by Facebook gives a voice to the most interesting ideas of people from all over the world, with the aim of helping companies to grow and improve their culture. They contacted us to complement their narrative with illustration.

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Collaboration to elevate the brand

As in many publishing projects, there was a tight deadline. We started conversations with Facebook editors to determine how to improve the stories through iconic images.

The goals of Facebook and Sensa for this project were to make the narrative shine, celebrate diversity, and create a system
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Focus on diversity and empowerment

We decided to highlight the role of women and diverse teams, which shape the best business cultures. We explored the key elements that identify them in order to convey more, with less. Color, shadow, and geometry helped us create an immersive and rich style.

Sketches behind the illustration design process
Composition of illustrations made for Facebook Grow Magazine
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Our work is mostly digital, so it’s a real pleasure to create tangible things. Facebook was kind enough to send us a copy of the magazine, which already has a special place on our bookcase.

Facebook’s Grow magazine – for the business leader who wants to be cool as well as rich.”
The Guardian

Helping one of the top European VC firms to better tell what makes them different.

A business card of JME VenturesScreenshot of JME Ventures website done by Sensa