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For several years we have collaborated with Forbes on their publications around the world, helping tell better stories through illustration.

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Forbes is a magazine specialized in the intersection of finance and business, founded in 1917 by B.C. Forbes and based on 5th Avenue in NYC. Our romance began in 2017, when they trusted us to create a system of illustrations for their special issue on jobs of the future.

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Elevating an atemporal brand

Illustration is commonly used decoratively, wasting its potential. We participated in the magazine decision-making to create more attractive and richer stories.

The goals of Forbes and Sensa for this project were to make the narrative shine, elevate the brand and to create a system
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Creating a timeless style

Illustration should respect and elevate a brand. With Forbes, we combined geometry and natural shapes to create an elegant and timeless style, just like the magazine itself.

Composition of different illustrations for Forbes designed by Sensa.
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System, geometry, and color

Instead of isolating the images, we worked on a system. We handpicked the colors and iterated the shapes to maintain consistency and make the 40-illustration system work well both on paper and digitally. We continue to work together, so we hope to see you on the newsstands soon.

May I thank you most sincerely for your very very hard work. By your favor, we can make a wonderful article.”
Ayumi Okido
Editor at Forbes Japan

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