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The BBC's English course has a long history, dating back to the 1980s. In a world that was just beginning to globalize, they decided to create a course of the highest level so that people from anywhere in the world could improve their professional lives through improved language skills. 30 years and 100 million students later, they trusted us to take that mission to the digital arena through product design and branding.

Modernizing the 80s – history

In a fiercely competitive environment, where more and more offerings focused on a simple and easy method of learning, the BBC decided to opt for quality of education. Their vast experience has taught them that the only way to really learn is through a course with a wealth of content and constant support. It was quite a challenge to bring this density into the digital environment. But what a beautiful challenge.

Focus on simplicity

We began by analyzing the course and its history in depth. We concluded that creating an intuitive product would be the key to being able to launch a high-quality course in record time. We started by simplifying the course to the core and removing all the superfluous content. As usual, we were working on the brand and product in parallel to ensure maximum consistency.

Making it fun

After defining the key features and values, we investigated and tested the mechanisms that make a product fun for all ages. The reward systems, the illustrations and the animations played an essential role.

Evolving the brand

At Sensa, we firmly believe that each project is different, so you need tailored solutions. Of course, the BBC would be no exception. Our admiration for the legendary brand is reflected in a series of solutions that are not only faithful to tradition, but seek to update and elevate it.

A website that converts

Creating a good product is as important as knowing how to tell about it. For this reason, the website we designed and developed for the BBC doesn’t just explain what the app does, but how it helps.

Shake: a design system ready for the future

When creating, we always draw on hypotheses that are constantly being questioned and reformulated. A brand must always be agile and alive. To help, we created Shake, a visual system that allows us to design consistently, develop quickly, and function as the basis for the product to continue evolving. The result is a consistent, direct and cross-platform experience.

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