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Cabify is one of the most prominent figures in the global transportation revolution, with hundreds of employees and millions of users. In the absence of a consistent illustration style, communication issues multiplied both within the company and with its customers. We created an illustration system that allows them to communicate better and grow faster.


We dove deep into the product in order to learn about the company’s values, the team, its procedures, the market, its customers, and its business objectives.

This first phase is essential. The better we know the context of the company, the better we’ll know how to represent its essence and the more unique the result will be.

Once we had gathered all the information, we made a visual moodboard with references and inspirations, which helped us find the tone and outline the first set of ideas.


With the knowledge acquired in the first phase, we began to draw the first lines to find the right style. Since we are creating a system, and not just loose artwork, the style has to work well from a 16px icon to a 16-yard mural.

Style. We utilized the move principle as a base, using lines and geometry to shape a scalable system that’s full of color, leading to vibrant compositions.

Systematization. We created easy-to-use elements for the entire team, and we advised other departments in the escalation process, such as Product, Marketing, International...

Color. To keep brand consistency, it was important to take advantage of its color palette. The good work done by the Cabify design team meant that only realistic skin tones needed to be added to portray characters more naturally.

Vehicles. This project was probably the most important one. In a short time, we had to redesign the look of their taxis, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, trains and even helicopters.

Emojis. In the previous system, Cabify users only rated 25% of the trips, so it was very difficult to know what aspects of the user experience needed to be improved. Therefore, the Product department developed and launched a new rating system, featuring emotions.

The result was that the number of customer ratings grew by 300% via a system that leads to a better understanding of customer opinions in a more human way.


For an illustration system to work, all of its parts must be easy to use by all team members, and on any medium. All our illustrations are delivered in vector and bitmap formats (.svg, .pdf and .png).

In the case of Cabify, Figma is the main tool that the design team works with. Once the pieces have been exported, we work closely with the team to include them as one more component of their design system.

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