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For several years we have collaborated with Forbes on illustrations for their publications around the world, with the aim of being able to tell better stories through illustration.


Forbes is a magazine specialized in the intersection of finance and business, founded in 1917 by B.C. Forbes and based on 5th Avenue in NYC. Our romance began in 2017. In one of their issues, they trusted us to create a system of illustrations for their special on jobs of the future.

A trustful relationship

Illustration is commonly used decoratively, wasting its potential. When done right, it not only makes the stories more attractive, but also richer. Our relationship with Forbes is interesting, because it allows us to participate in the magazine's decision-making and carry out each of our collaborations quickly.

Elevating a timeless brand

Illustration is an element that has to respect and elevate a brand. On this occasion, we used geometry to create a style that is as elegant as it is timeless, true to the values ​​of the Forbes brand.

System, geometry, and color

We selected the colors one by one to maintain consistency and contrast in the 40-illustration system, which works well both on paper and digitally.

Unique stories, unique works

Throughout our collaboration we have created different styles to help tell stories in a unique way. We continue to work together, so we'll see you on newsstands soon.

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