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The problem with VC firms is that they are frequently viewed as a commodity, making it difficult for them to communicate their value proposition. JME, one of the longest running VC firms in Europe, trusted us to better tell what they do and how they do it.

Discovering the core

JME began investing more than a decade ago, in 2009, as one of the first VC firms that could accompany entrepreneurs throughout the entire life cycle of their company.

Good branding stems from research, which helps us find the essentials of each company by meeting the people who are part of it. This discovery phase was crucial, as it allowed us to uncover what makes JME different. Compared to the industry standard, which invests almost exclusively in SaaS, they go further and do so in cutting-edge companies, those that define the new limits. This concept would serve as the basis for all the work that followed.

Amplifying the core

Once the core was identified, we began to classify all the points of contact with their audiences, shaping the branding, the website, and the corporate materials. The cutting-edge remains present at the conceptual, visual and narrative levels.

A cutting-edge brand

At Sensa we like to work on product and brand in parallel. This holistic methodology allows us to create unique and consistent solutions, avoiding silos and disconnection points. Our work with JME wasn’t just about creating something that would work today and easily develop over the years.

A website to show & tell

The website is one of the main points of contact between JME and entrepreneurs. Our goal in designing and programming it was not only to tell what they do, but also to help with interesting articles that help improve the ecosystem. In developing it, we emphasized clean code, good performance, and delightful animations.

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